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Greeting from the president

Knowing that IOT, AI and IT are necessary now and in the future, I decided to use new IT principally for creating a good relationship with our customers in real-time through the infinite web world. We aim to innovate the next generation of IT, and create newer, fresher technology

Our hope to come together as one: Company, People, and Entity

Greeting from KAGIYA Misato, Managing director

Embracing Longevity and Beauty: A Sustainable Path Forward

At B-MIRAI HOLDINGS PTE. LTD., under the vision of our Founder, Mr. TAKAMATSU Go, we champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by encouraging the pursuit of health and beauty. This pursuit is not just for longevity, but for a richer, more fulfilling life.

Maintaining health is a key to sustainable living. It’s about creating a life that’s vibrant and long-lasting. Moreover, embracing beauty goes hand-in-hand with health, boosting our drive to lead healthier lives.

We believe that a balanced focus on health and beauty can make life not just longer, but also more meaningful. Let us strive for a future where each individual lives a life marked by wellness and aesthetic joy.

In a world where living longer is increasingly possible, we invite everyone to join us in this journey towards lasting well-being and beauty.

Managing Director / KAGIYA MISATO

Philosophy / Mission

Contribute to Sustainable Social and Economic Development of Our Society
through Clean Energy, Health and Beauty in Mind and Spirit

As a group of five businesses

Marketing in a broad sense
Production and operation of EC site
Listing advertisement
Google MEO
(Map Engine Optimization)

Group company